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New website to highlight our new services

New Prepare To Bloom Web PageI’d like to take a moment to talk about the new web page. I’m really excited about the new look and feel. It’s much more in line, from a design point of view, with the brochures and business cards I have. But there’s a lot more to the new web site than a pretty new layout. The new design coincides with the official launching of my new service structure. I’m very proud of all of the hard work I put into building a large network and expansive database of professionals, programs, and services but program placement is not the only service I provide.

Families often reach me after they’ve had several less-than-stellar experiences. Between the constant bombardment of marketing and the high expectations placed on parents and children by our culture, parents must do something if a child acts out. The direction they subsequently end up going may not be ideal. It is exceptionally difficult for parents to find the optimal resources when our society continues to stigmatize mental health concerns. So when a family reaches out for a therapist, they are doing their best but did you know there are over 30,000 psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers in California? Can a parent really be expected to find the most appropriate help for their child?

I help connect families with resources.

Sometimes this takes the form of finding the most appropriate therapist. Other times it may be finding a best-fit program. If contact early enough in this sometimes lengthy and expensive process, I can help to prevent poor decisions and save time, heart ache, and money. I’ve talked to many of you about how I have five distinct services and have finally put it in writing:

  1. Prevention – For families who are just beginning to see the signs and the symptoms of trouble.
  2. Family Support – For families in need of a new or modified treatment team.
  3. Placement – For families who need options outside of the home.
  4. After Care – Providing best fit options in a safe and secure ‘real world’ environment.
  5. Home Planning – Creating structure and support through past learnings.

Not only have I updated and articulated the new services I’m offering, but I’ve also built some illustrative tools. There’s a somewhat complex flow chart showing the process many struggling youth and their families go through. There’s an illustration showing how Prepare To Bloom fits into the puzzle that is the therapeutic treatment team. And finally there’s an illustration that shows the general growth pattern I see with some of my clients and how Prepare To Bloom provides the best services available at each critical step.

I’ve tried to tie up a lot of loose ends too. I’ve added a lot of information to the Resources and FAQ pages. I’ve tried to ensure the page is accessible to people using older browsers on older computers, but the site really shines when you’re using a modern browser such as Chrome 12+, Firefox 5+, or even Internet Explorer 9+.

Please check out the new site and let me know what you think.


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