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Things are Improving for those with Special Needs

Dr. Krysti DeZonia on her blog “Q and A with Dr.K”  highlighted the top 5 things she sees getting better for people with disabilities .  The first thing on her list is all of the amazing professionals around the world that are showing their interest in working with people with various disabilities.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  There are amazing professionals all around us who are supporting families with special needs.  These professionals are now more than ever becoming creative in ways to deliver these services.

The second innovation she highlighted was all of the improvements that have been made in the technology allowing people with a wide variety of disabilities to communicate freely.  While the majority of the clients I work with do not have physical disabilities that require the use of these technology, I am very impressed in seeing all of these developments and the access they create for others.

Third, she highlights all of the options for non traditional learners.  She notes that there are online options for college, lectures, do-it-yourself projects and pretty much anything else one could be curious about.  I have been a long time supporter of alternatives for education.  I agree that the increased access via the internet allows curiosity to lead us to continue exploring and learning even after completing any formalized education.

Her fourth highlight was about the gaining popularity of living a simple life, valuing relationships over stuff.  This is a powerful movement that I have seen around the world.  As we continue to increase our contact via technology small moments that we can spend with each other become more and more powerful.  I believe that spending time rather than money has increased value in these difficult times.

The fifth thing that is getting better is that parents are no longer willing to settle.  She highlights that parents who once had been told that something was not available for their special needs child are standing up and getting creative in ways to advocate for their child’s best interest.  I agree fully with this mentality.

We at Prepare To Bloom, LLC, strive to assist parents in implementing plans that will help their families deal with complex family challenges.and develop recommendations that will meet each families’ individualistic goals. Consistent with Dr. DeZonia’s observations, the special needs’ environment has become far more positive, allowing Prepare To Bloom to employ far more “out-of-box,” creative solutions.
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