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Eating Disorders on the Rise

In a new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry on March 7th 2011, researchers found that disordered eating is on the rise in adolescents.  In particular, binge eating disorder is on the rise.  The new research also highlights the high correlations between other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.  They have noted that while many of the over 10,000 study participants have received some form of treatment most have not had treatment specifically for their eating disorder.  The conclusion from this study is that eating disorders remain a significant health concern that all treatment professionals need to be screening for in order to ensure proper treatment.

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Screen Obsessed

We have become a culture that is constantly connected , and are obsessed with our social media websites. In this day and age we are finding that there have been some harmful side effects for the instant connections we are able to make. ” Facebook depression” is the latest in this list.  It is unclear at this point if “Facebook depression” is its own condition, or if it is a symptom adding to the struggles for the someone already diagnosed with depression.  Due to the instant access to information teens are finding it difficult to navigate these complex social waters.  Parents can help.  Staying connected to teens through social media sites and monitoring use can help open up conversations about how these websites are making the teen feel.

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